How to Dispose Sex Dolls?

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How to Dispose Sex Dolls?

Have you ever bought a sex doll but after one or two years, you get tired of it and decide to get rid of it? But how to dispose sex dolls which are hyper lifelike? How do you do so without driving too much attention to yourself? Well, below, we’ll carefully answer this and more questions about sex doll disposal. Take a look!

Reasons to dispose sex dolls

  • Your family is not comfortable with it around

Let’s say your girlfriend, wife or mom found you with this fake porn doll and they get angry and uncomfortable. Eventually, to make them happy, you’ll have to look for ways to throw away this ‘dirty secret.’

  • If you no longer require it

You may have got your sex doll to fill the void of a lonely single life or to improve your sexual prowess. When you fall in love and decide to settle down with someone or once you’re through with your skill improvement process, your love doll might not be useful anymore.

  •  You get a new sex doll

If you buy a more sexy and attractive love doll, you automatically lose interest in your previous one. In most cases, using the old one no longer feels right. Some even get worn out from many years of use. The Silicone and TPE materials are quite long-lasting, but they’re not solid age proof materials.

When used consecutively for a couple of years, they tend to develop permanent dents that may never be fixed. Besides, the stainless steel skeleton material can also deform when used for a frequent number of years.

Things To Consider Before Getting Rid Of Your Sex Doll

  • Protect Your Identity and Privacy

Protect Your Identity and Privacy

Nobody wants his or her sex doll secret known by people. So, remember to get rid of your love doll without disclosing your personal details. Pay close attention to the box or package you use and avoid making your doll a bit too obvious.

  • Don’t Get Into Illegal Activities

dispose sex dolls

I know some guys find it quite tempting to dispose of your sex doll in some rather unacceptable ways. This includes leaving it laying aimlessly on your neighbor’s porch, tying it to helium balloons and letting it fly or leaving it alone and abandoned in the park. Some may even think of burning their love doll, violating the community’s environmental pollution standards and putting you within the police radar.

  • Don’t Scare Others

dispose sex dolls

Realistic sex dolls may scare children and other people when disposed of poorly. So, if you want to throw yours away, put her in an opaque bag before dumping her in the garbage pile. Also, remember to separate it into many different parts and include a note saying, “Apologies, don’t be scared; it’s only a toy sex doll.”

  • Always keep yourself safe

This is maybe the most vivid point to keep in mind before disposing of your love doll. Don’t melt, heat, or burn a TPE doll at home. These toys are known to produce highly toxic fumes.

 Effective Methods Of Disposing of Your Sex Doll

  • Sell it

If your love doll is still in fantastic condition, you can always find a credible buyer for it. Surprisingly, there is a massive market for used sex dolls, and you’re sure to find the best deal. Some of the buyers you will find here are people from pornographic sites and huge doll companies.

So, start by creating a list of the best, already second-hand love dolls you wish to sell, include a captivating photo and description. Once you connect with your potential buyer, you can both discuss the selling details.

It’s also important to point out that your sex doll should be cleaned and dried thoroughly before it’s finally sold. This will ensure that infections and bacteria are not transferred from one person to another.

  • Dump Her In The Garbage

While this is rare, it’s something which still happens. Mostly, this applies to old, rusty-looking love dolls which no one can buy. It also refers to those that are too defective for repair. Therefore, remember to take care of your doll, if you want her to give you long, exciting years of intense sex.

Avoid washing her in steaming hot water if she’s made from TPE, storing her in unfavorable ways and being overly rough on her. By doing either of these things, you will only make her get old faster than you may want.

Now, before you get her into the trash can, remember to dismember her into small pieces and wrap her in an opaque bag. It’s far much better than carrying a fully grown ‘woman’ and throwing her in the trash.

dispose sex dolls

  • Recycle Her!

dispose sex doll

Sex dolls are using a sturdy, hard material that’s usually difficult to process given the many complicated procedures it goes through to make it highly durable. It’s, therefore, not something anyone would dispose of like leftover foods.

The best thing for you to do is to sell it back to manufacturers for adequate recycling. You may not know this, but there are a lot of companies paying well when it comes to recycling dolls. They clean it, melt and rebuild it using silicone and TPE into a new fresh-looking toy for someone else to use.


Always remember that the proper disposal of your sex doll is essential for the health of all those involved. If you decide to sell it, make sure it’s clean and highly sanitized to prevent unwarranted illnesses and infections.

If you opt to dump it in the garbage, wrap it properly suing opaque bags to avoid uncomfortable situations. All in all, avoid dumping your love doll in an illegal way like throwing it in water bodies or drainage trenches.  

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