Custom Sex Dolls – Create Your Own Sex Doll Online

If you are looking for a custom sex doll to fulfill your sexual fantasy, then look no further.

How to make a sex doll from wish? How to create your own sex doll?

There are two ways to get your own sex doll on Let’s dive right in.

1. Get your customized sex doll by photos

Send us pictures, measurements, and specific features you want and we’ll build a sex doll to match. But the sex doll cost may be a little higher if we need to develop new mold for your custom order. Here are several steps that let this custom made sex doll service work:

  • Send an email to us and tell us what type of sex doll you want in detail. (height, breast size, skin color… )
  • We’ll reply to you as soon as possible to let you know whether your request is workable and how much you will pay for your custom sex doll. (We will let you know if we need any further information about your customization.)
  • After receiving your payment and all the requirements of your custom order, our sex doll designer will start to work and show you the pictures of mud sculpture. (The model of your own sex doll’s head and body)

head and body of mud sculpture

  • After you have confirmed the sex doll design, your fantasy love doll would be put into production in our sex doll factory. Remember, we only use medical-grade TPE/Silicone material and high-quality durable metal skeletons.

sex doll body

  • We’ll send you the image and video of the final product when your personalized love doll is fully completed.
  • Once you have fully confirmed your real doll and we will get her ready for shipping. (Your doll will be packaged according to your needs)
  • We will give you the tracking number and it’s time to wait at home. Your wish sex doll will arrive discreetly and safely on your doorstep in several business days.

Note:  As this is a personalized sex doll created just for you, once the production of your custom sex doll has started your order may not be canceled for any reason.

2. Create your own sex doll according to our dolls and custom options online

Browse our realistic sex dolls online according to different categories, once you find a real doll that conquers your heart as soon as you see her, you can click it and go to the product page. To help you customize your own sex doll as you wish, Fansdolls sex doll shop offers various custom options. Most options are free, but some extra features will have an extra cost like the heating feature and stand-up-feet. Here are the steps to build your customized sex doll:

1. Select the body height for your love doll. (A Higher height means a higher price)

Sex doll height

2. Choose your sex doll’s wig. (All options are free)

sex doll hair

3. Choose your sexy doll’s eye color. (All options are free)

sex doll eyes

4. Choose skin color. (All options are free)

custom sex doll skin color

5. Choose the areola color you like. (All options are free)

custom sex doll's areola color

6. Choose the sex doll’s labia color. (All options are free)

custom sex doll's labia color

7. Choose your doll’s pubic hair type. (You need to pay $50 if you want your doll has pubic hair )

custom sex doll's pubic hair

8. Choose your selection of the heating feature for your pleasure doll (You need to pay $150 for the heating feature)

custom sex doll's heating feature

9. Choose the doll’s vagina type (Both selections are free)

custom sex doll's vagina type

10. Customize your sex doll’s tongue (Choose the default or pay extra $20 to get a removable tongue)

custom sex doll‘s tongue

11. Choose the shoulder type (The “shrug” means this kind of shoulder is movable. Extra $50 needed)

custom sex doll's shoulder

12. Choose the regular foot or stand-up-feet (Pay $50 for the stand-up feet that allow your doll to stand on her own. )


13. After you finish all the options, it’s time to add your unique love doll to your cart and complete your sex doll

Congratulations! Your personalized sex doll goes into production! Soon, your doll will arrive and make you scream out of pleasure!

3. Free gifts you will get when you buy a sex doll

  • Instruction manual
  • A wig
  • A comb
  • A vaginal irrigator
  • A soft blanket
  • A set of random sexy lingerie

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