Sex dolls have been around for a long time. There are various types of best realistic sex dolls for sale, from male to female love dolls, from silicone to TPE love dolls, from Japanese love dolls to black sex dolls, etc. They are designed to resemble a real woman (or sometimes a real man) in every way, including their size, shape, and private parts. People use these lifelike sex doll toys for masturbation primarily, although some people use them for photography as well.

The old-fashioned sexy dolls were merely blow up dolls that did not look at all like a real person. But now, we have modern love dolls that are super realistic in both the way they look and feel. They’re made from either Silicone material or TPE material, which are both smooth materials that feel like human skin. That helps enhance the sexual pleasure that you will feel during intercourse with the sexy doll.

Are you searching for the best sex dolls to purchase online? If so, then you are at the right store. Fansdolls has been a leading sex doll reseller throughout the world for many years now. Customers love our store because we sell ultra realistic sex dolls at unbeatable prices. What’s even better is that we allow customers the option to customize their favored porn dolls in a variety of different ways. Come and browse our popular collection of love dolls and see for yourself what we have available for you!

Big Tits Sex Dolls

Big Tits Sex Dolls

For people who want to buy sexy sex dolls with huge tits, this category is for you! These real sex dolls have super huge tits that even any lady will envy about. Could you picture watching those big boobs bounce up and down? Moreover, these hot sex dolls are able to pose all naughty positions in your mind since the robust articulated internal skeleton.

Big Booty Sex Dolls

Big Booty Sex Dolls

Are you crazy about wide hips? Do you like massive jiggling buttocks? Why don’t you buy a real big ass sex doll online to satisfy all your fantasy and improve the quality of your sex life? Browse these beautiful big ass sex dolls and pick one now!

Flat Chest Sex Dolls

Flat Chested Sex Dolls

Is the flat chested love doll attractive to you? Welcome to our collection of flat chested sex dolls! These real love dolls have slim waists, slender hips, lifelike face, and small boobs. They have ultra realistic touch and hottest body that will get the most unforgettably good sexual experience. Some parts of the sexy dolls can be customized, including eye color, height, skin color, labia color, pubic hair, heating feature, and more.

BBW Sex Dolls

Fat BBW Sex Dolls

If you think a perfect sex partner should be soft, big, and obese, then you’ll fall in love with our opulent fat sex dolls with generous proportions. You can find sex dolls with giant boobs, curvy round butts or sexy thick thighs here.

Japanese Sex Dolls

Japanese Sex Dolls

We collect various Asian love dolls that come in all shapes and sizes here. These Japanese sex dolls are considered as gentle and considerate, submissive, the type of an ideal girlfriend, wife and a good mom.

Black Sex Dolls

Black Sex Dolls

Black sex doll or Ebony sex doll is a super popular love doll collection. Their attractive chocolate skin, gorgeous brown boobs, and beautiful ass will make your craziest sexual fantasies come true! Made out of  high-quality and human-safe materials Silicone and TPE , these realistic black sex dolls will last for ages!

Female Sex Dolls

Female Sex Dolls

This is a gorgeous collection of woman sex dolls for men. All our hot female love dolls are made of medical-grade TPE or Silicone material, they will never do harm to your health.

Male Sex Dolls

Male Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls | guy sex dolls | boy sex dolls | man sex dolls

This is a collection of realistic sex doll for women or gays. You have fewer feature and body choices with male sexdolls but you can still choose from a variety of face, height, hair, eye, and skin tone options. Of course, every boy men sex doll have an anatomically correct penis to offer unforgettably sexual experience!

TPE Sex Dolls

TPE Sex Dolls

TPE is a commonly used material for making sex dolls since it’s more affordable and hygienic compared to plastic-like materials. There are many pros of having a TPE sex doll. First, it’s affordable compared to sex dolls made of different materials. It has soft and tender skin like that of a lady. It also retains it’s shape regardless of how intense the sex experience is. It is ready-made to satisfy any sexual desire you want. Sex doll producers always recommend a TPE made sex doll.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone Sex Dolls

This is the 2020 best collection of Silicone sex dolls. Made out of medical-grade Silicone material, these real life sex dolls will cause fewer allergic reactions. You can put sex dolls in any sexual position that you desire since they have durable metal skeleton with flexible joints.

Anime Sex Dolls

Anime Sex Dolls

Fansdolls online sex doll store has a collection of anime sex dolls and hentai sexy dolls with big tits, thin waist, colored hair, innocent glance, big eyes, long hair, gentle Japanese face… the sex doll choices are endless here. Every cute anime sex doll will give you the best companionship and sexual pleasure.

torso sex dolls

Torso Sex Dolls

Are you crazy about girls look young and lively? Fansdolls love doll site has prepared beautiful young real dolls with young faces, innocent eyes, smooth elastic skin, cute hairstyles, sweet lips, and delicious bodies. These young sex dolls are ready to explore the mystery of sex with you, and waiting for your sex guide! If you want to buy small sex dolls or mini sex dolls, check here >>

What is sex doll? The sex toy has always been the most preferred real doll among people due to its extreme verisimilitude. These lifelike sex dolls for men/women are more obedient and loyal, more attractive than any sex partner you can find.

You can get custom sex dolls based on your wildest fantasies and they can satisfy you however you want, whenever you want. We aim to manufacture your desired love doll with the utmost perfection and make your experience as realistic as possible. Every order is dealt with personally and your love doll will have all of the customizable options that you chose. By utilizing recent innovative technology, we have recreated the human temperature feel of the body. Soon, we will have robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale, which will make your experience more realistic.

Note: Don’t confuse blow up sex dolls (inflatable dolls) with our sex dolls for sale, our solid sexy dolls are made out of TPE or Silicone material, so they have the most realistic touch and feel. You can enjoy perfect pleasure when have sex with our real dolls.

TPE Sex Dolls

TPE is also known as thermoplastic rubbers, which is a physical mixture of polymers (rubber and plastic) or a class of copolymers produced from materials with elastomeric and thermoplastic properties. TPE is used in the productions of daily products since it can be easily injected and molded-in products that demand using rubber. You will definitely find TPE in some of your household products. TPE is very affordable compared to silicone, and it offers properties like soft texture, molding ability, and flexibility. The amazing properties of TPE make it a great option in the production of realistic love dolls for cheap.

Advantages of TPE Sex Doll

  • Low-cost.

The usual cost of sexy dolls produced with silicone falls between $2600 – $5500, depending on the size. Love dolls made from TPE are less expensive since TPE is relatively affordable, TPE love doll has a price range between $1100 to $2200, depending on the size as well.

  • Realistic Touch Feeling

The feeling you will get from TPE sexdolls is very realistic, all thanks to its unique properties and qualities. Touching a adult porn doll produced with TPE will look like you are touching a real person, especially when the love doll is customized with an internal heating system, and the sexy doll’s boobs and butt will shake when you rock your cute doll forth and back.

  • Lifelike perspective

You will or may find it difficult to know the difference between real human skin and that of a TPE sex doll. To confirm this, visit our website or search for Realistic TPE Sex Dolls on Pornhub, YouTube, or Google.

  • Medical-grade Hypoallergenic

An unexpected event that may happen when you purchase your new sex companion is to discover that you are allergic to it. The best way to prevent issues like this is to go for a TPE sex doll as it is free from any hazardous chemicals that may cause allergic reactions. You can kiss, hug, and even sleep with a TPE doll in your bed without any fear of having a medical condition or adverse reaction. However, ensure you confirm that you have no allergies to baby powder or water-based lubricants.

  • Odorless

If you don’t like the plastic scents present with most sex dolls, then you will be perfectly okay with TPE love dolls. Porn dolls made from TPE are completely odor-dree, and you can wear your new sex toy any water-based perfume you desire.

  • Durable

Getting something that would last a long time without changing its quality or performance is something we all want. When it comes to durability, TPE has been approved by realistic sex doll manufacturers over latex or rubber. Imagine not being able to continue making love with your sex doll, which you have developed closeness and emotions because she can no longer fulfill your desires. For this reason, it is vital to get a sexdoll that would last you a long time. Silicone sex dolls are also durable and have similar longevity as TPE sex dolls.

  • Warm Stability

Real dolls produced with TPE are produced to maintain a warm temperature for a long period. So you can enjoy the company of your new sex doll, and the temperature will not change. Also, you can install an internal heating system that will allow your porn doll to emit a warm temperature (35-38 degrees) like that of a real woman.

  • Can adapt to any position

Realistic sex dolls can be positioned with little restrictions. It can also be positioned in some fancy style you would love; however, make sure you return your doll to its stress-free position once you are done to keep your love doll’s skin soft and tight.

Disadvantages of TPE Sex Doll

  • TPE Sex dolls can be stained easily

The absorptive nature of this material makes it easy to get stained. Stains may also spread quickly to other areas, and it could be difficult to remove. We highly recommend being careful when on a dinner date with your doll, especially when taking wine. If her skin is stained, it may be difficult to remove. Also, try not to place your TPE sex toy on materials with dark color and ensure you cloths you put on here will not stain her as well.

  • Needs constant maintenance

You need to care for your sex doll often, especially areas like the mouth, vagina, and anus once you are done using her. Doing this is good for your health and her durability. If you fail to maintain your doll constantly, she could develop mold, get stained, and loose strength, appearance, and shape.

  • Heat sensitivity

Although TPE can effectively maintain heat, which gives TPE sex doll a realistic feeling, make sure you know if the material your doll is produced from is sensitive to extreme temperature. Another thing to do is to keep your sex doll away from any source of heat.

  • Its quality could be affected

Making TPE involves the combination of different materials; if it was wrongly mixed, the condition or quality could diminish much later. Thus, ensure you purchase your TPE sex doll toy from a trusted brand, either from a local sex doll store or online, so you don’t end up paying for a doll with inferior quality.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone, which is a combination of silicon polymer, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, can be used in manufacturing soft sex toys because it is durable, easy to clean, and non-degradable by petroleum-based lubricants. Silicone has been used for several years in producing sex toys and sex dolls. Silicone rubbers are used in sex dolls, and it could be firm or soft, based on the formula used. You can easily find sex dolls made from silicone with heat, due to the scorching resistance features of silicone.


  • Convenient to clean

The stable qualities and non-porous nature of Silicone make it very easy and convenient to clean and sanitize silicone sex dolls, unlike dolls produced form TPE. You can easily disinfect silicone sex dolls without fear of the liquid entering into your doll’s skin.

  • Heat-resistance capabilities

High-end silicone sex dolls have the ability to tolerate heat, water, and stains than TPE sex dolls. This is possible due to the non-porous nature of silicon. You can have a warm bath with your silicone sex doll without any fear of damaging it.

  • Requires low maintenance

A silicone sex doll requires less maintenance and can hold its shape better due to the incompressible nature of their skin and stain-resistant value. However, make sure you clean their vagina and anus after making love to them.

  • Realistic appearance

In most scenarios, love dolls produced from silicone usually have a better realistic appearance and body part due to the firm nature of silicone material. Nevertheless, this feature was attainable at the expense of some realism and kindness regarding the doll’s touch feeling. Silicone sex dolls are built to be healthier, which includes sufficient body strength to support its weight. Silicone sex dolls are better at maintaining their shape and weight, unlike TPE sex dolls.

  • Less allergic reactions

It’s very difficult for silicone sex dolls to cause allergies when used. This is one of the reasons silicone materials have been used in plastic surgeries (e.g., breast implantations).


  • Expensive

Sex dolls produced with silicone are very expensive compared to TPE sex dolls. The cost of silicone sex dolls ranges from 2600 USD – 5500 USD, depending on the size.

  • Too hard

Silicone does not have the elasticity properties of TPE. As a result, silicone sex dolls are harder and rigid when held or touched. The butts and tits of your silicone sex doll will not shake the way you want it when you rock her back and forth. People who prefer soft boobs may not find silicone sex dolls attractive due to its rigidity.

  • Breakable

Silicone sex dolls can easily tear apart due to their rigid nature. This can cause damages when you place your silicone sex doll in awful positions or directions. Make sure you do proper maintenance within 25-40 days (based on your doll’s status) to prevent damages to some areas.

  • Limited flexibility

Silicone sex dolls are less flexible compared to TPE sex dolls. Thus, you may not be able to move some of their body parts the way you want, especially their thighs and arms, which are usually stiff to some extent.

Quick summary


If you have a budget above 2000 USD, you can purchase a silicone sex doll, but if your budget is on the low side, a TPE sex doll will be suitable for you.


A realistic silicone sex doll is a great choice if you want to have hot baths with your cute sex toy. On no occasion should you expose TPE sex dolls to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. You can purchase a silicone sex doll if you are more interested in a realistic appearance.

TPE sex doll has a soft and elastic skin; this will be a nice option if you are more interested in a realistic skin or feeling when touched. If you also want to try different sex positions or styles with your sex doll, consider a TPE sex doll.

For those that hardly have time to clean or take care of their sex doll, it’s advisable you go for a Silicone sex doll because it requires less maintenance compared to a TPE sex doll.

How to make a sex doll?

Have you ever questioned yourself on how a real looking sex doll is made? We’ll take you through a step-to-step guide below:

  1. Different chemicals and powder are stirred together before being poured carefully into a framework shape of a sexy doll. The makers are then responsible for the assemblage and fixing of the different accessories, for instance, the hands, face, legs, and torso.
  2. A sexdoll skeleton is then artistically crafted by hand. Usually, it’s built from steel joints and PVC pipe. In some instances, however, a very light metal may be utilized. Also, every bit of the skeleton is crafted to be moveable and flexible to allow the user to change their sex doll’s positions freely.
  3. After the liquid mixture has cooled, it’s removed from the framework. Now, the sex doll manufacturers start the following processes of crafting the doll by hand.
  4. Immediately it’s completely removed from the mold, it must be cleaned. Some sex doll manufacturers even do prefer a high-gloss and smooth finish.
  5. What follows is a thorough inspection to remove all rough-edges. Then, the real love doll is washed again.
    Finally, the love doll’s genitals are added and the anal and vaginal holes are perfectly cleaned and thoroughly checked to ensure an ultimate and satisfactory experience.

How to use a sex doll? How do sex dolls work? How to have sex with a sex doll? Do sex dolls offer amazing sex experience? How do you think about fucking a sex doll?

Choosing the Best Lubricant for Your Love Doll

It is highly recommended to use water-based lubricants for your realistic sex doll. However, an important safety precaution that will prevent damaging your cute sex doll is to avoid using any silicone, oil-based, and petroleum-based lubricant. It is also recommended to try out small quantities of different water-based lubricants before settling for the most suitable brand that is perfect for your live sex doll.

Caressing Your Lifelike Sex Doll

Your real doll sex toy comes with a delicate and realistic face to guarantee a realistic experience when kissing your sex doll. A realistic sex doll has been equipped with a tongue, teeth, and deep throat functionality which features an opening in the love doll’s mouth that grants you access to slot in your tongue and experience its tongue as well. TPE and modern love dolls are developed to provide superb hyperrealism. They are designed to offer soft, round and squeezable breasts, gentle nipples and fully luscious butt.

How to Have Vaginal Sex with Your Sex Doll?

One of the common methods people engage in sexual activity with adult sex dolls is through vaginal penetration which is why much focus is usually placed on the vagina of your lifelike sex doll. The vagina has been developed with a soft material that is similar to a woman’s skin to offer the most realistic anatomical experience that is similar to that of a real vagina. Differentiating the vagina of a real woman and that of the love doll will be impossible if you are blindfolded. Our real dolls at offer the option of either a removable or permanently fixed vagina that provides a similar real-life appearance. However, your preferred realistic sex experience, ease of use, and hygiene are factors that will determine the perfect option for your type of vagina. A barrel has been crafted into real life sex dolls that feature a fixed pussy to provide a more real-life experience during penetration besides a realistic body. But a removable vagina is the perfect option for easy cleaning without moving the porn doll around. Don’t forget that maintaining the cleanliness of your sexy doll is very important to provide long-lasting use and avoid other sexually transmitted infections.

How to Have Anal Sex with Your Adult Doll?

The concept of anal sex is a great desire for most individuals. It is considered to be acceptable, healthy, and full of excitement. However, the major challenge is to discover a sex partner who shares a similar fantasy and will be willing to participate in anal sex. Fortunately, for those craving for an anal sex experience, our male and female sex dolls have been designed to fulfill your anal desires. The anus can be likened to a vagina and with proper anatomy, you can achieve similar stimulation that would be experienced from anal sex with a human. Typically, the anus is tighter offering a much better experience than the vaginal.

How to Have Oral Sex with a Lifelike Sex Doll?

Oral sex is another pleasurable experience that can be exploited irrespective of your type of sex toy doll or sexual cravings. Most real love sex dolls have been equipped with deep throat functionality laced with lubricant and heat to provide a realistic feeling of a human mouth. Sadly, the suction that is felt from a human mouth cannot be derived from the realistic adult dolls. Additionally, you need not worry about the retch reflex of your love doll if it will have a stiff neck or the response after the oral.

What is the sex doll price? How much does a sex doll cost? Are sex dolls worth it? But the appropriate question should be: How much can you invest in purchasing a porn sex doll? This is because different options with various prices that will fit most budgets are provided in the industry. Get coupon with


These options include:

Between $100 to $600

You can purchase a sex doll torso or just a mini sex doll with this budget. The typical size of a small sex doll is around 60 to 65cm tall that permits easy usage and storage. But its compact nature can affect your feeling of being with a regular person. However, the tiny and cheap sex doll is the best option for masturbation as they still offer the best vaginal sex experience.

Between $800 to $900

This price can offer you an average-sized TPE love doll that is between 100 to 125 cm. TPE sex dolls offer a more lifelike experience than the tiny sex dolls together with anal, oral, and vaginal functions.

Between $1,000 to $2,000

It is certain you’d love to experience actual sex with a real human. Then you can opt for an affordable full size sex doll with bigger boobs and ass with a higher height. Again, these will, of course, be more costly.

Over $2,000

This price can help purchase Silicone real life sex dolls that are usually costlier than TPE dolls as silicone sex dolls offer a more realistic appearance. Typically, purchasing a complete silicone porn doll requires a minimum of $2,000. At, we offer premium Silicone sex dolls featuring a silicone head with a TPE body to ensure that you obtain a real life sex doll that comes at a cheaper price.

Today, we live in a society without discrimination where an individual’s sexuality or sexual choices on handling their orgasm Is nothing to be embarrassed about. You are obviously the champion of your life. For several years, realistic sex dolls have been available and used in various places all over the world. Are these sex dolls worth your time? Who can purchase a sex doll? The answer is every adult is eligible to purchase one.

  • Therefore, if you intend to add spice and take your masturbation to a whole new level, then you should opt for an adult sex doll.
  • You can also purchase a porn sex doll if you find it hard to have a social connection with others as this adult sex doll will never judge or hate you.
  • If you are in an existing relationship but still intend to experience the excitement associated with sexual satisfaction, purchase a realistic sex doll for yourself.
  • A real-life sex doll is also useful in training yourself to stay hard after ejaculation or intend to experience or delay ejaculation.
  • You can consider having a sex doll as a companion if you are alone without anyone around you.
  • A human sex doll is also a very good choice for fashion designers for trying out different outfits that will reveal the appearance of your customers.
  • Likewise, photographers can acquire a realistic sex doll to take beautiful shots of lovely girls that will promote their business.
  • Couples can also opt for oral sex dolls to fulfill their wild sex cravings and fantasies without any prejudice.

Storing your lifelike sex doll can be done in two different methods.

  • Lying position.

Lay down your sex doll using only one position. Avoid laying it on the floor and if you must, it is recommended to put a mat or pad under the sex doll and this method can even help you store it in other places like the bed or a storage box. This will help you prevent the butts from getting flattened or defaced and avoid a loop or contour on its back that can result from elongated compression from the doll’s weight. Don’t forget to position your love doll, particularly the TPE sex dolls on a pad or mat because getting back the shape is impossible when it is defaced.

  • Hanging position

This is the easiest procedure for storing your love doll. Hanging your sex doll will not deface or damage any side as a result of its weight. This method is suitable for those having a shelf or closet in their home. However, you can hang your sex dolls using different methods as these sex dolls come in different brands with various hanging procedure. you can reach out to us to provide professional advice on any hanging specification. However, irrespective of your preferred storage method, either lying or hanging, ensure that it is free from dust or make sure it is covered and clean all the time.

How many times must these dolls be cleaned every day?

  1. Before the first use, ensure that the sex doll is cleaned to eliminate residues from the factory.
  2. Ensure that your love doll is cleaned at least once a month if it is stored in a dusty environment.
  3. Also, make sure that you clean every vital area of the sex doll after every sexual usage.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Sex Doll?

The steps outlined below should be avoided when cleaning your sex doll to enhance its durability and prolonged use.

  • Avoid using sharp objects during cleaning to prevent damaging their skin.
  • Avoid soaking the head or neck inside water for a long period
  • Don’t pressure the skin of the sex doll during cleaning or drying to prevent a tear.
  • Avoid the use of blow dryer or hair in drying the skin of your sex doll.

How to Properly Clean the Skin of Your Love Doll?

  • Begin cleaning by eliminating body fluids or sex lubricants using a soft towel.
  • Remove the vaginal insert where necessary.
  • Use antibacterial agents to create soapy water that can be used to clean the insert and allow it to dry appropriately.
  • When cleaning the entire sex doll, place a towel on a bed and gently lay down the sex doll on it and with a sprig bottle containing a mixture of clean warm water and soap (ideally sulfate-free), gently massage the skin of the sex doll together with your hands or use a clean soft sponge to wipe it down.
  • The ideal method is to spray and wipe after laying your sex doll on a towel, however, if you are sure about handling the weight of your sex doll without damaging it when cleaning with soapy water, follow the guideline below.
  • If you are caring for a “skeleton”, you can bathe or shower the sex doll. Avoid allowing the neck or head to become drenched in water to prevent damaging the skeleton or developing molds. Make sure that metal areas are appropriately covered with a bag and avoid inserting feet (having metal bolts) into the bathtub.
  • Sex dolls are usually greasy when wet so it is recommended to use a plastic stool instead of standing.
  • Avoid using caustic soaps or cleaning products.
  • Wire sponges and hard sponges should be avoided to prevent harming the skin of the sex doll.
  • Dry your sex doll by laying it down on a towel in bed,
  • You can spread the legs and dry faster by blowing soft air with a small fan.
  • Avoid using a radiator or open fire to dry your love doll.

Methods of Cleaning the Vagina, Mouth, and Anus of the Sex Doll:

It is recommended to use condoms to avoid few constraints but always remember to eliminate the lube with touch water. However, individuals that intend to achieve maximum pleasure without condoms should place more focus on cleaning the sex doll’s genitalia. Several methods can be used to clean the vagina, mouth, and anus of the sex doll. This can be done in the shower, bath, or laying down the sex doll without being immersed in water. It is recommended to do this out of the shower or bath and lay it on the side to ensure that the vagina and anus are exposed. Then, the steps listed below should be followed.

  • Select any of the small swab sponges by using a medical pincer and soak in warm antibacterial soapy water and make sure it is entirely coated.
  • Slot in the coated sponge into the anus or vagina with the pincers and ensure that the orifice is thoroughly cleaned before removing.
  • Remove the sponge and repeat the procedure. The vagina or anus should be clean and free from any infection by now. Now with the pincer, insert the dry swab into the vagina or anus to clear any remaining moisture and remove.
  • Finally, repeat the drying process by inserting the pincer after wrapping the paper towel around it to perform a final drying process.
  • Now use the talcum powder after drying on the external part of the anus or vagina. This should completely clean your sex doll inside and out and ready for use again. The procedure outlined above can also be used to clean the sex doll’s mouth which is also very easy to clean.

How to Clean the Wig of the Sex Doll?

  • Before cleaning the wig, remove from the head of the sex doll. It is suggested that the wig is combed appropriately before cleaning. The wig should be cleaned in a small hand basin while long wigs should be cleaned in a bath to promote easy and efficient cleaning.
  • Add sufficient cold water in the basin and include very little soap to create a bubble bath for cleaning the wig. Your preferred shampoo free form sulfate is highly recommended.
  • Ensure that only cold water is used to avoid disrupting or losing the wig style such as curls. Immerse the wig and carefully churn, then allow to soak for precisely five minutes.
  • Empty the sink and gently wash until the water completely dries without bubbles.
  • Avoid placing the wig on the sex doll’s head to dry.
  • Avoid beauty products for garnishing the wig.

Method of Drying the Wig After Cleaning:

It is important to ensure that your sex doll is completely dry to avoid greasily or damaging the skin of your love doll during sex. After all the holes have been washed, create a sponge, dry wash the towel or cloth, then insert and remove it. Then, repeat the process a few times. This will dampen the inner after the sponge process and for further drying, you can use an aquarium vacuum pump. However, cleaning a removable vagina is much easier as you only have to remove to clean and insert back after cleaning. Turn it inside out and wash with soapy water and allow it to dry for a little while. Then turn on the right side and use some fresh cornstarch to coat the surface of the insert and restore it to the sex doll. You can use recycled paper towels or microfiber cloth to ensure that the surface of your sex doll is dry. Then, put your sex doll to seat for about an hour and dry it manually again. In conclusion, apply talcum powder on the body of the porn sex doll to give it a pleasant scent and avoid a tacky skin.

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Shipping Time Frame

Within only 5 to 12 business days, we deliver your adult doll at your home with great precautionary measures. We manufactured an adult sex doll within only 1 to 3 business days.

The shipment and shipment charges of sexy adult doll depend on user location. It only takes 5 to 12 business days to ship the product to you.

We also provide you tracking number. Through tracking number, your sexy adult reached your destination. With that number, you will be able to get a progress report of your shipment.

Special Arrangements for Secure Shipment
sex doll packaging

The adult sex doll would be securely shipped to that address that you provide while placing an order. You will also need the main instruction.
1. Deliver at a specific time and select any preferable company facility
2. Leave us a simple note within the field of “Order note”
3. Send us an email at for your mail request.

Privacy of our customers

Your privacy is our estimated and first priority as we take care of your needs and wants. We always keep everything secure and protective. The sex doll package delivers by us is in good condition. There is no data or information display on the sex doll package. All information and hidden inside the box and other people will never think about what present in a particular neutral box. You are the single one who knows the content that is inside the box.

Shipping Firms

Various shipping firms work all over the world. Depending on the user address, the sex dolls are going to be shipped through UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

What Procedure Involve in Shipping?

These adult sex dolls are prepared with great care and expertise. The procedure involves shipping sexy dolls after placing an order is:

1. The confirmation of an order will be received on the email provided by you.

2. The notification regarding confirmation of the order payment will receive.

3. On your demand, we will manufacture your dolls.

4. Once the doll is ready for shipment, we will send you notification correspond to your tracking numbers.

5. You can check the status of your shipment via tracking number.

6. If you order premium sexy dolls, then you can receive them at your home or any suitable location you want.

Special Note:

If you are living in a country where the use of sex dolls is not allowed and consider illegal, then we are sorry. With sorry to say that we will be unable to ship you sexy dolls.

Before placing your order, we suggest you contact us before. This is the best way to get information about the laws of certain areas concerning the business type.

Another interesting and impressive thing that enjoy by you is a 100% money-back guarantee. It happens if you are not receiving the sex doll package provided by you. You will also receive a money-back guarantee of you received the doll with some fault or damage.

We will be fully responsible for any fault with the package order you received.

We ensure you that you will enjoy our before and after-sale services. The business will never end up with the completion of an order. We want that you become our loyal customers. We focus on follow up and ensure that you must be satisfied with the delivered sex doll order.

We always appreciate customer service for better work and ensure to get positive feedback on delivering sex dolls from your side.

About the Fansdolls

Fansdools offers you sex dolls under complete inspection and quality checks. You will only receive the order that is best among all. Try to chat with our customer care center before making any purchase. You will enjoy our prompt reply to help you.

You will get a sex doll by following the procedure given below:

  • Visite the fine and premium adult sex dolls collection.
  • Choose the best porn doll for you.
  • If you need any customization, then order us your customized design.
  • Explore the amazing customization options.
  • If you need any help or have any question in mind, then contact us.
  • Precooked with checkout. If you have any issues, contact us to solve the particular problem.
  • Confirm your order and you will be able to get notification of your purchase.
  • After this, the company will contact you and confirm the details of the package you want. The company service is always ready to attend any queries you have.
  • The fabrication process will be started. We are ready to bring a real sex doll to your life and according to your need. The sex doll artist of our team will start work instantly.
  • When the sex doll is ready, then we will send some workshop pics to our customers. It enables us to know the destination followed by us in a manufactured sex doll.
  • The sex doll needs some special tweaks like different eye colors or hairstyle.
  • We will also provide an aftercare manual or instructional book. It will guides you information like cleaning and care tips. The manual also helps you a lot when you are a newbie in this field.
  • After receiving factory photos and you confirmed that the sex doll looks perfect for you, the doll will be ready to ship to your home. When you are from the UK, USA, and Europe, then we will cater to special shipping and custom clearance costs.
  • You will also receive a tracking number. It is the number that you will use to know the status of your order. It will help in tracking the progress from the date of arriving the sex doll from the factory till ready to collect.
  • Finally, your delivery will be received by you.

We know that you may disappear for a few days in the amazing world of romance but keep in contact with us.

Delivery process

The whole process ranges from ordering to delivering sex doll takes less than 3 weeks. It depends on your location.

The answer is yes as we will help you to make your work easier and smoother. It is a trusted and verified seller of dolls to do a successful business along with you.

If you have any doubts, then you may also confirm authorization from an official website of the manufacturer who manages sex dolls. You will definitely enjoy the amazing and high-quality sex dolls every time.

Why Choose Fansdolls?

Some of the things that involved in choosing fan dolls are:

  • Free shipping
  • Custom or tax clearance services
  • Top-notch customer care services
  • After and before sales services
  • Cashback guarantee on all sex dolls
  • Adorable price rate

Online Reviews and Trustable Brand

You can simply visit sex doll reviews and check the reason behind our trustworthiness. You can also check a five-star rating by the 3rd party source. We never receive any negative reviews on our goods and services. You also enjoy lower overheads. We have small teams that are working for you to provide the best and high-quality services. We work with our customers and always ready to fulfill their needs. We always value the feedback given by our customers. We also help the customers till the delivery of the product. We also update our customers about the latest and new features of sex dolls.

You can easily access the latest news and trends of this amazing brand in the industry of a sex doll.

What Do We Do?

We always ensure that customer gets high-quality sex dolls. We are the best teams and proud of our teamwork. We ensure to achieve aims as soon as possible. We always ready to gives customers a guarantee about the quality of sex dolls. We never disappoint any customer while doing business with us. It is all because we focus on the authentic and silicone TPE dolls that are certified and manufactured by a certified sex doll manufacturer.

You will never disappoint our customers with our service and make a long term relationship with them.


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Fansdolls, we examine all kinds of flaws and problems associated with the sexy dolls before its shipment. We always guarantee to provide high-quality dolls that are best selling dolls in the market.

After making an order of sex doll, we regularly send emails regarding the progress of the shipment. You should never worry about the import taxes and duties as we will sort out every problem for you. The package consists of arranging the head and body of the real dolls with great care. We will ship along with the guide that enables you to use the dolls correctly and without facing any problem. We also offer you gift vaginal irrigator, wig, comb, soft blanket, and sexy lingerie.


Shop the latest selection of porn dolls at Fansdolls sex doll site. Fansdolls is the leading seller of love dolls and supplies premium sex dolls to many famous sexdoll brands like WM Doll, 6YE Doll, and SY Doll. These new love dolls with latest design and premium quality will awaken a whole new dimension of your sexuality!


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