How to Clean Sex Dolls?

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How to Clean Sex Dolls?

Why sex doll cleaning is important?

The cleaning and washing of sex dolls is mandatory for love doll owners. Damp and ugly deep orifices (detachable body parts) can breed bacteria spreading germs to the partner’s body which ultimately putting him in danger zone. An important one is that germs will deteriorate the doll’s body and would vanish its structure, lessen the beauty and sharpness of the face features with time. If sex dolls are not cleaned or appropriately invigilated, then they would have become bored, dull and less pleasurable at the sex time. What’s more, incorrect sex doll cleaning will have a bad effect on the longevity of the doll.

Sex Dolls or normal dolls can break or stained when washing with chemically hazardous detergents and liquids. Few instructions must be kept in mind while cleaning the doll after sex.

  • Use medium temperature water because some sex dolls are not as much heat resistant
  • Don’t shed water directly from the head and don’t forget to detach its heads because this will not clean the neck properly
  • Try to clean its vagina with synthetically made liquids
  • Wash its vagina with great care and wash it after having sex immediately

How to clean sex doll after use?

1. Cleaning the Vaginal, Anal, and Oral areas of your sex doll

There are various techniques and tools specially designed for the cleaning purposes of sex doll’s vagina and other body parts. Some tools or techniques are described below:

  • Vaginal Irrigator

Vaginal irrigator is used for cleaning purpose right after the intimation. It is available in different shapes, colors, and structures. It can be used in 4 steps that are explained below one by one. Try to make a try with cold water first in which antibacterial detergent is mixed then move towards the warm water.

  1. Take out the nozzle from the bulb
  2. Squeeze the bulb under the warm water.
  3. Release it in water for a few moments until the bulb is filled.
  4. Gently insert the nozzle into the doll’s vagina or oval part.
  5. Squeeze the bulb with high pressure until the high powered streams of water get into the cavity or oval hole.

Vaginal Irrigator is available in large quantities on Amazon because of its soft and Comfortable touch, easy to clean and use, silicon used in it is approved by the FDA, smooth ABS & PVC nozzles, skin friendly, non-toxic, and order less. 

  • Handheld Shower Head

Detachable or handheld showers suit best for washing or showering the sex dolls. Showerhead must be done first with cold water to see its effect then move towards the warm water in which cleaning or anti-chemical agent is mixed. To clean the doll vagina, shower head must fulfill some properties. They are given below:

  1. Set at a place where high pressured water can be released
  2. It must be amiable meaning that must be sued for only that purpose which is in mind
  3. Its streams should be adjusted like only one stream with high pressure can enter into the vagina

If shower head is not fulfilling the above key properties, then it is of no use for flushing out the sex orifices quickly and efficiently. If you can arrange shower head at the appropriate place, streams and water pressure then it’s ok to go with it otherwise skip it.

  • Squirting Water bottles

A water bottle with a squirting mouth piece can be used in a pinch as a makeshift vaginal irrigator for sex doll clean. For using it follow steps given below:

  1. Fill it with cold or warm soapy water.
  2. Close the bottle and shake gently until the water gets mixed with detergent
  3. Spread a soft towel under the doll and spread its legs.
  4. Hold one side of the towel and squeeze the bottle at sudden with one watered stream which will penetrate the vagina with pressure
  5. Water will squirt out, but the towel can absorb that water.  
  6. Squeeze it continuously until the soap residue gets outside.
  7. Repeat this process again and again until you get satisfaction.


  •  Sponge

sex doll cleaning sponge

Sex doll’s owners might want to do friction or rubbing with something soft and stained out material during cleanliness of the vagina. Follow steps are given on how to use it.

  1. Take a piece of sponge or make a loofah of it by fixing it on a brush or a stick.
  2. Rinse the loofah or sponge in warmth cleaning agent water for some time.
  3. Gently scrub the inside area with warmth and soapy water for one or more time.
  4. For best outcomes, elbow grease can help in removing the remaining residue.
  5. Dry it with a dry sponge or a piece of cloth.

It’s the best tool for cleaning due to it’s economical, eco-friendly, non-toxic, soft, safe and healthy to use nature. One can grab or handle it with little ease, and interesting fact can be reused for many times.

2. Cleaning a sex doll’s face

  1. Remove the head from the body and the wig.
  2. Use a soft, clean, and warm sponge with antibacterial soap to gently pat down the doll’s face.
  3. Gently pat down the doll’s face with a dry non-abrasive cloth and then allow it to sit for an hour after this to dry naturally.

Note: Don’t submerge your dolls head in water at any point to avoid damage.

3. Cleaning a sex doll wig

We know the wig plays a great role in a love doll’s charm. So we should keep the wig clean all the time. There are 6 steps to clean a wig.

4. Cleaning The Dolls Clothes


  • The clothes can help your sex doll to be amazing anything you want. But you should be careful when buying clothes that may potentially leave stains since sex dolls (especially TPE dolls) stain easily.
  • We recommend you to purchase white, pink, or light color clothes for your real love doll, and you’d better wash all dark and vibrant colored clothing before putting them on your sex doll when you really want the dark color dress.

How to clean your doll’s clothes? Please follow the steps listed below.

  • Check Labels

  • Wash your doll’s clothes by hand or machine correctly according to the label.
  • Let the clothes fully dried before putting it on your sex doll.

How to Dry Sex Doll After Cleaning?

Keeping your sex doll fully dried is very important since it will prevent a tear and friction of your doll’ skin.

  • After cleaning the deep holes of your sex doll, you can build sponges, dry washcloth or paper towel on sticks, pull it in and out and repeat a few more times. But anyway the inside is still damp after the sponge treatment, so you’d better use an aquarium air pump for further drying. (Of course, everything will be easier if you choose a removable vagina. It is super easy to clean and take out/put in. Turn the inside out and wash it off with soap and water and then leave it to dry for a while, still inside out. Then turn in the right side in and coat the outside of the insert with some fresh cornstarch and re-insert in your sex doll.)
  • After cleaning the surface of your sex doll, you can manually dry the body with microfiber cloth or commercial recycled paper towels, and then allow your doll to sit for an hour and full dry naturally. Finally, you can apply the talcum powder to the doll’s body to give it a nice fragrance and prevent the skin from becoming tacky.


One who gets into a relationship with dolls knows well how to take care of them either physically or internally. Different methods, tools, techniques, and procedure are followed to get their company for a longer time. But all these should be chosen according to the doll properties and feasibility.

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