How to avoid sex doll staining?

How to avoid sex doll staining?

Staining is a very serious problem when it comes to taking care of sex dolls. Most of the time, we see people looking for help in order to remove the stains from their love dolls. If your favorite love doll is stained, you might not find it as sexy and arousing as before. So, why not to avoid staining your sex doll before it’s too late.

There are a number of factors that one has to consider in order to avoid sex doll staining which are part of the day to day routine. You do not have to buy expensive stuff to avoid staining of the sex doll. Just consider the following precautions and you will never end up staining your doll.

  1. Clothing

Clothes are the first line of contact for every sex doll. They are usually dressed by people according to their choice but clothing is the one big determining factor when it comes to staining a sex doll. Because clothes are dyed in different colors, prints and shades, they can easily stain the doll in various conditions.

Read the given instructions related to the clothing and the risk of staining;

  • Washing the doll with its clothes can increase the chances of staining the doll by 89%. Clothes are usually prone to escaping the dye as there are chemicals and detergents that extract the dye out of clothes and put it on other surfaces. In this case, if you are cleaning the doll and it has its clothes on, it can easily stain the doll.
  • Dark colored clothes usually have a higher degree of dye in it and these clothes stain other surfaces. The skin of a doll is prone to catching the dye. Therefore, try to avoid using dark colored clothes with higher intensity of dye in it.

  • Try to use white or light colored clothes that have little to no dye in it. This directly reduces the chances of staining your dye. A blanket might be a much better option, if you want to store your doll for some time.
  • Cheap Clothes are usually prone to releasing the dye with ease. Try to avoid buying cheap or low quality clothes for your doll, else you might risk staining the surface of your doll in an attempt to save few bucks by purchasing low quality dress.
  • As we wash the clothes, over time it loses its ability to release the dye because the concentration of dye reduces in it. So if you have older clothes, we recommend using them on your doll to avoid staining.
  • Time of contact can seriously create a trouble. Sometimes, if we dress a doll with expensive dress that are less likely to leave a stain, time of contact can leave you puzzled. If you leave a doll in a certain dress for an extended period of time, you are increasing the chances of staining your doll.
  • Avoid extremely tight clothes as it can deform the shape of the doll as well as impart unwanted stains from the dress because of time of contact and friction phenomenon. Try to use baggy and loose clothes, and your doll would certainly be at a safe side.
  1. Storage Care

It is very important to take great care of the storage cabinet where you place the doll. Check if the cabinet leaves a dye when fleshy surface like the sex doll comes in contact with it. Also, check of the area is clean and no dyes or stains are placed in the vicinity. Exposure to chemicals and stains leaves the doll in horrible condition. Therefore, take great care of your love doll.

  1. Bedding

Bedding is yet another very important factor considering the risk of staining for your sex doll. A sex doll is usually in direct contact with the bed cover and if you have any liquids or lubricants on the bed sheet, try to avoid the doll lying for long hours on the bed.

  1. Talcum Powder

Use talcum powder on your sex doll and try to avoid the use of oils. This is because talcum powder keeps the surface dry and reduces the friction otherwise created by moisture. Once the friction is reduced and the surface stays dry, there is little to no chance for any external agent to stain the doll.

  1. Wigs

Most people like changing the looks of their sex doll and often try to change the color of their wigs. Usually people like dying the hair of their sex dolls because it is a relatively cheaper option than buying a new wig. But, it is very common an issue among sex doll users that they experience staining of their sex dolls after staining their wigs because these wigs can then leave stains.

  1. Dark Colored Wigs

Low quality dark colored wigs are generally stained with dyes, even if you buy a dark colored new wig for you doll. Blonde or light colored wigs are better options for changing the looks of your doll because they don’t usually have much dye absorbed in them and do not leave any stains on the sex doll.

  1. Use Good Quality Wigs

Use premium quality wigs on your dolls because usually low quality wigs release due when it absorbs moisture. This moisture first absorbs the color of the dye and then seeps into the skin of the love doll which is why it is always recommended to buy good quality wigs.

If your sex doll is too stained to be repaired, it is recommended that you buy a new sex doll directly. Or if you are a novice and worry about dyeing after buying sex dolls, it is recommended that you buy mini love dolls first, which are cheap and easy to operate. After using sex dolls proficiently, buy more expensive and larger sex dolls.

All the details in this article are collected after real life experiences from sex doll users and the standardized recommendations were put together by most companies serving the sex doll customers.

If you have any recommendations or would like to add your personal experience, please feel free to reach out to us and leave your feedback.

We are trying our best to help sex doll fans find the right information and make informed decisions in order to take good care of their lovely sex dolls. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends, if you find it helpful and informative.

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