Where to Buy Sex Dolls?

Where to Buy Sex Dolls

Where to Buy Sex Dolls?

Everyone today seems to be in search of some form of love and companionship. However, very few people end up finding companionship. Recent studies now show that most people do not find love in the normal or traditional way. These people may need other sophisticated methods to gratify their sexual desires. As it stands today, for most people, sex toys can fill these lapses in sexual gratification.

One of the best sex toys in the market are real love sex dolls. With these sex dolls, you can experience the feeling of being with any companion of your taste. Sex dolls also allow you to express your sexual relish just the way you like. A common question people have is where to buy sex dolls. People usually find it difficult when trying to buy a sex doll off the internet; they face issues like what if the sex doll isn’t as realistic as the images on the web.

Today, we’ll show you where you can buy reliable sex dolls from trustworthy suppliers.

How can you identify a Reliable Sex Doll Supplier?

1. One of the main ways you can identify a reliable sex doll supplier is to observe the rapport between the toy company’s management, the vendors, and the investors and partners.
If they can converse appropriately with English and any local Chinese dialects, it shows that there’s a smooth partnership between the retailers and the sex doll manufacturers. All this and more makes the vendor committed to giving their customers an exceptional experience.

2. In most cases, if the trader has a TDF authorization, it guarantees that they are committed to customer satisfaction.

3. Take into consideration how the vendors describe the sex dolls. Vendors are required to have done several service checks on the sex dolls, before delivering it to you. Vendors need to send you images of your preferred sex dolls and deliver them to you at your request. Also, a reliable vendor takes notes of your dissatisfaction and makes efforts to enhance the sex dolls to your taste.

4. Look for a vendor that accepts PayPal and have a refund policy; this would come in useful in any case where you’re not satisfied with the nature of your sex doll. By doing this, the vendor shows a renewed commitment to the satisfaction of its customers.

Where to buy sex dolls?

You may be wondering where you can buy sex dolls and not just any sex doll, sex dolls that can give you guaranteed satisfaction. Below, we’ll be listing out four leading real sex doll vendors you can choose.

1. Amazon and eBay

When you purchase cheap sex dolls from Amazon, your purchase is packaged and shipped to your specified location. Amazon also gives you the option to customize the features and body type of your sex dolls to your desired preference. Most of the top-rated sex dolls on Amazon are almost exceptional; their adult page contains as many sex dolls types that would appeal to you. And if you’re looking for something kinky or out of the ordinary, they’ve also got you covered.

Because of how fast technology is moving, it also has managed to influence the shipping, fitness, and cleanliness of sex dolls. Manufacturers are now able to make realistic sex dolls with satisfying and appealing features, and they all deserve a spot in your adult toy collections.

tpe sex dolls on amazon

If you have gone through Amazon and because of your excellent taste, you cannot find a suitable sex doll. Then you might as well check eBay. eBay is the largest marketplace for sex dolls at the moment. Not only that, but you also get an extended list of other adult toys. On eBay, you can search for detailed specifications, like male, female or unisex dolls. Also, you can purchase a sex doll based on its material, whether Rubber, Silicon, PVC, TPE, latex, or Cyberskin.

Where to buy a cheap sex doll? On eBay, you can also get half body sex dolls. Half body sex dolls are usually cheaper than full-size sex dolls, because of their smaller body structures.


On Fansdolls, we have a mini sex doll collection and a Torso Sex Doll collection that has low prices but also premium quality.

2. Social Media

Several sex dolls are now on sale on social media. Some of these social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Let us look into how you can purchase the most realistic sex doll on these social media sites.


sex dolls on facebook

Numerous brands and shops have opened pages on Facebook to sell their quality sex dolls. What’s more, on Facebook, they also share articles and information on their newest releases. Facebook also makes it easier for brands and shops to hold promotional events when giving back to its customers. If you’re looking for more details on your sex dolls, like and contact the Facebook page administrators.

The Group feature in Facebook also gives your access to hundreds of sex doll groups where you can buy quality sex dolls at reasonable prices. These groups post pictures of sex dolls regularly, and you are sure to find one that best suits you.


buy sex dolls on Instagram

Instagram, being a photo-based social media platform, grew unbelievably in popularity over the recent years. Although it started as an independent application, Facebook Inc. later acquired it. In other words, most people with Facebook accounts also have Instagram pages. If you’re in search of sex dolls to purchase, you’ll find numerous pages to buy from on Instagram.

Instagram navigation gives you easy access to explore pages with a good follower base. After finding one of these pages, you can examine their sex doll pictures and choose one that suits your preference.

Also, you should keep in mind that social media purchases best works when you contact the owner of the page directly. By doing this, you can come into good agreement on their payment and delivery options. Click here to learn more on Fansdolls Instagram Page >>

3. Sex Doll Websites

Different sellers online sell sex doll that varies in features. Some websites sell as partners with other manufacturers, while some have an immense collection. Without much ado, we’ll be outlining the leading sex doll websites you can get your reliable sex dolls.


Fandolls is top of our list because of the many benefits you’re sure to get from their sex dolls. Fandolls sex dolls get made with high-quality TPE or Silicone materials, they are safe for your health, and they make sure to test their toys before putting in out for sale. Fandolls are committed to their customer’s satisfaction and gratify you for your sexual desires.

What’s more, professionals handle the design of their dolls, so your sex dolls have detailed anal, vaginal, and sexual parts. Furthermore, when you buy from Fandolls, you enjoy discrete packaging and free shipping to anywhere in the world.


Kanadoll is a trusted online shopping store for selling affordable sex dolls. There are more than 1,000 kinds of sex dolls for sale on the website. Kanadoll also obtain authorization from some the most famous sex doll brands. Whether you like soft TPE sex dolls or ultra-real silicone dolls, you can buy them at Kanadoll.

In order to provide you with the best sex doll, Kanadoll support you to customize your dream sex doll, even including the small details of the areola color. As a TOP sex doll company, Kanadoll is also studying robot sex dolls, so that you can talk with sex dolls or interact during sex.

Around the world, Kanadoll has 3 official websites, you can click to visit:


Mailovedoll a Chinese manufacturer with an eight-year history, focused on producing ideal sex dolls.Mailovedoll has cooperated with many well-known sex doll manufacturers across the world, such as WM Dolls, 6Ye Doll, AF Doll, Aibei Doll, Irontech Doll, Jarliet Sex Dolls, Qitadoll, Mese Doll, Sinodoll, SM Doll, and SY Doll. All dolls are CE, FDA, and RoHS certified, and are inspected through 9 procedures.

Mailovedoll has an official website in Japan: Mailovedoll.jp. Sex doll is also called “ラブドール” in Japan, so if you search in Japanese, you will find Mailovedoll.jp.


Zlovevdoll was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Guangdong, China. Zlovedoll is committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective realistic sex dolls.

So far, Zlovedoll has 8 years of manufacturing and sales experience. During the period, Zlovedoll has continuously optimized and improved product details through accumulated experience to present customers with a more authentic experience. As sex toys have direct physical contact with skin, Zlovedoll always puts safety first, and the raw materials used are medically approved Top-Grade silicone and TPE.


Launched in 2015, Silicon wives have since grown to become one of the top distributors of silicone and TPE sex dolls. Their smooth and straightforward website interface gives you an enjoyable and comfortable experience when finding the right sex doll. Silicon wives have a massive collection of sex dolls, including realistic and full-sized dolls.


Here you can place an order based on a required specification and get it delivered when it’s ready. They offer an extensive collection of sex dolls in different sizes and shapes, all to satisfy your sexual cravings. They place priority in shipping anonymity, discreetly using cardboard boxes to conceal your packages. They securely seal your bag without any labels and cover all import taxes.


This site is one of the largest sex doll sites in the market, providing a comprehensive collection and variety of sex dolls with amazing specifications. Also, they’re very discreet in their packaging and delivery and offer free international shipping at any time. Their payment plan is reasonable, straightforward, and reliable.

They have one of the best collections of sex dolls. Their sex dolls are from the best manufacturers, which come with clothes and other accessories. The different sex doll types offered by this site include:

  • Ebony sex dolls
  • Male sex dolls
  • Mini sex dolls
  • Realistic sex dolls
  • Torso sex dolls


Ovdoll is a Japanese based sex toy distributor with branches in over three different continents. They have a large variety of sex dolls and exceptional customer service and help systems in place. Here you can buy full-sized dolls, half dolls, or any sex doll depending on your preference.

Hanidoll (Japanese)

Hanidoll.jp (Japanese) is a sex doll sales online store in japan. Hanidoll sells various of dolls. Hanidoll has factory so you can find more cheap sex doll at Hanidoll. Hanidoll’s products are sold all over the world, of which Japan accounts for 40%. All dolls utilize the new Thermoplastic Synthetic Material (TPE), aseptic high temperature treatment, medical level material! Built-in metal skeleton, robust and resistant to deformation. You can take various poses within the movable range.

4. Google

A simple search on Google will give you numerous sex dolls options. However, based on their guidelines, Google allows only specific types of adult-related adverts and only for a target age range. On Google, you can filter sex dolls search based on price and brand.

buy sex dolls on Google shopping ads

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