How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence?

How Sex Dolls Apply Artificial Intelligence?

What is an artificial intelligence sex doll?

Artificial intelligence is the emerging technology that simulates human intelligence into machines. These machines through programming act and think like normal human beings. AI is applied and commonly refers to any sought of programmed machine that can be able to exhibit characteristics associated with problem-solving and learning. This is the same way a human mind works.

In most scenarios, Artificial Intelligence is not provided to clients as a personal application. Contrary, the products you are using will be improved with AI capabilities. This is the same as Siri which was improved as a new application for new Apple products.

An artificial intelligence sex doll is a sex doll toy with improved AI capabilities. They are designed to provide extra pleasure to you. New uniquely designed sex dolls are driven by AI with self-awareness capabilities. They are not only wonderful and exceptional sex partners but are also a great companion 24/7. Most sex doll lovers like to have sex dolls with certain personality traits, and with the aid of AI tech, you can have the sex doll you have always dreamed of. Currently, there are places around the globe with fully designed AI sex dolls.



  • Actual Facial Features

sex doll robot

Artificial Intelligent sex dolls have been designed with special abilities to wink and even smile. They can comfortably and with ease rotate the head and also raise the animated eyebrows. Besides, they can move eyes around and also to blink. They are like normal human beings and can also move lips and mouth when synced to speak.

  • Smart Sensors

AI designed sex dolls have smart body sensors that react to your touch with ease. By touching her perfectly positioned body sensors, she will react with a smooth tone and also moan in relation to the excitement levels she is set up at. These smart sex sensors are found around the arms, vagina and breast areas. They react the same way a normal woman would when aroused.

  • Speaking Ability

An AI propelled sex doll has an interactive voice system that allows her to communicate. She can be able to talk with you well and can hold both sexual and non-sexual conversations. The AI technology makes it possible for the sex doll to learn more about you while you interact with her. She can turn her head when agreeing and disagreeing to your opinions.

  • Simulated Body Temperature

AI technology has made it possible for sex dolls to be warmed up to 37 degrees Celsius to fit the normal temperature of a woman.

Safety challenges evident with electric heat systems, have allowed for the emergence of battery-powered sex dolls. These sex dolls only need to be slightly super-heated to reach the normal temperature of a human being. Our engineering team has conducted various tests to ensure our electrically powered sex dolls are 100% certified. Only a fully integrated heating system like this can guarantee your sex dolls reaches normal body temperatures.

There is no other system with ability to allow direct switching on the heating function. The system also turns off automatically when the desired body temperature is reached. This means you can turn the heating before embarking on a house chore and will be ready when you are finished with work.

  • A Realistic Vagina

Meghan’s vagina is similar and feels real like that of a normal woman. The vagina is uniquely designed to detail. From the two-way vagina channel with a small bump of vaginal walls to the g-spot, you will get the most realistic feeling by hanging out with Meghan.

Having Sex with a Sex Robot

have sex with artificial intelligence sex doll

A lot of ethical issues have raised major questions concerning the overall adaptability of sex dolls.

The popularity of sex dolls lies in the overall social acceptance of these pleasure products. This is due to the questions raised about their impact on social gender relations. Sex dolls can lead to people isolating themselves from the public. Contrary, sex robots have been known to have some forms of therapeutic value.

A recent survey conducted in the U.S.A found out that 67% of men aged between 20 and 60 were open to having sex with sex dolls. These robots are ideal for people not seeking relationships and loners. It’s not confirmed whether sex robots can help curb sexual abuses among women.

Asia, in particular, is popular for having sex doll brothels. Sex doll prostitution might soon become the next phase of human sex development.

However, scientists have constantly warned of the negative impacts AI impacts on humans. It has from time to time been linked to heinous crimes like rape and pedophilia. Some sex dolls available in the market have a negative submissive trait that may encourage the rise of rape cases.

Also, different countries have different legislation when it comes to the usage of sex dolls. Recently, a UK man was sentenced to jail for having been found in possession of child sex dolls. In the US, sex dolls are legal and you need not worry.

Fansdolls have a stern belief that with the emergence of AI technology, sex dolls will become popular with time. Sex dolls are used to create intimate sexual relationships and are suited for interpersonal relationships. The advancement of technology always raises the eyebrows of most people. Some people are skeptical about the impact they will have on human beings. All in all, technology makes our life much easy and closer.

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