Male Sex Dolls: The Unlimited Buyer’s Guide

Male Sex Dolls: The Unlimited Buyer’s Guide

Unlike what the majority of people would perceive, sex dolls aren’t meant for only the old people with too much money or the lonely and weird introverts. If you’re among the people with such thoughts then you need to rethink your perception.

Over the years, porn sexy dolls have managed to occupy a firm space in the wellbeing of humans. For instance, for people who go through challenges to start and maintain intimate relationships, a sex doll would offer either an emotional or physical or even mental comfort and companionship. Because of this advancement, sex dolls have become a popular concept in society today.

Fortunately, the modern-day sex doll industry offers lifelike dolls for both the male and female genders. However, over the web, there exist millions of reviews that would guide readers on how to select an ideal female sex doll. Hardly ever, would you find guides on how to buy a perfect realistic male sex doll?

Sometimes, society tends to ignore the overall female’s sexual wellbeing because of the following three reasons:

  • Women’s sexual desires are controlled by socio-cultural factors. Various studies have concluded that the female’s sexual drives, practices, and moods are affected more by their environment in comparison to men.
  • Women desire sexual satisfaction less enthusiastically than men. Approximately 2⁄3 of women admit to masturbating. However, almost half of them also admit to feeling guilty when masturbating. Also, approximately 40% of women admit to masturbating rarely.
  • Females prefer an indirect route to achieve sexual fulfillment. For instance, they can’t express their desires directly and are influenced by socio-cultural circumstances. Even so, those who want to satisfy their sexual desires prefer to interact, have a connection then finally have sex. Therefore, their path to sexual fulfillment is less direct, unlike men.

Even if females desire intimacy less than males, it doesn’t automatically imply that they don’t require sex. Therefore, the society’s view on the female sexual health ought to change. That is why in this review, we will show you how, as a female, to choose and purchase a realistic male sex doll. Read on…

Disparity Between the Male & Female Sex Dolls

To begin with, let’s take a look at the hidden differences between these two dolls.

I’m sure by now you’d be questioning my intelligence on how to tell between a man and a woman…lol. Truth is I know – the males have a penis and the females a vagina, clear right? However, there are other major and minor disparities between female and male sex dolls.

  • Touch and Feel

The pricing of the female sex dolls is entirely based on their nicely soft bodies, the flexibility of their skin, boobs, and butts. They are generally molded to be attractively small and dainty for one to easily control when satisfying their desires.

Male dolls, on the other hand, have different aspects. A huge percentage of all male sex dolls are muscular with perfectly defined muscles. Also, the touch and feel of the male doll’s skin are generally different from the female doll. Therefore, you should anticipate a male doll’s skin to be a bit stiffer and less jiggly.

  • Appearance

Typically, male dolls are larger than female dolls. They stand tall at heights of at least 5’7” and 6’0” at maximum bringing a detectable negative prejudice against shorter men.

In addition, a male love doll’s butt will usually touch and feel firmer than the female doll’s ass.

Apart from the aforementioned differences, other notable aspects include the hand size, shape of the face, and the waist segment.

How Do You Pick A Good Quality Male Love Doll?

Are you considering to get a male sex doll that will help you unravel your sexual desires but you don’t know what to go for? Then, the factors below will guide you on how to choose a perfect realistic male doll.

  • Factor 1: Budget

Your budget should be your major consideration when you want to invest in a perfect male ‘partner’. Male love dolls typically sell for prices between $700 and $13,000. Some others even go beyond the $13,000 price mark.

Also, you should be wise enough to try shopping form different online stores. Remember, different sites offer different prices and you would notice a big price disparity between them. Without forgetting, as the sex dolls’ popularity grows, different suppliers will consider competing on price and you could secure yourself a favorable deal.

  • Factor 2: Materials & Type

Make sure you’re aware of your male doll preferences before proceeding to order for one. Do you want a handsome man? A strong man? A black or white-skinned man? A young or old man? A black or blue-eyed man? Whichever you prefer, ensure to be keen when ordering. Additionally, you ought to be specific on what size of an erect penis you want. Fortunately, the majority of online sex doll stores give options for all these characteristics.

Both the male and female love dolls are molded from the same material. The most common are; silicone and Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). However, silicone material is mostly used in molding male dolls than in the female. This is because silicone material achieves a firmer touch bringing out a more lifelike feel of the male anatomy. Most people aren’t really into a male sex doll who’s jiggly and soft which are mostly achieved with TPE material.

  • Factor 3: Size & Weight

As mentioned earlier, the sizes of both the male and female sex dolls are different. Normally, female dolls are smaller in size in that even a full-sized doll would just slightly go beyond 5-feet tall height – unless you order for the customization of your doll’s height. The reason for this height limit is to restrict on weight and cost.

With the male dolls, the lower size limit is typically 5-feet and they could stand up to 6-feet tall. Height is usually a key consideration when it comes to a man’s attractiveness, therefore, taller male dolls are regarded as more seductive. Again, with that consideration, it means that the male dolls are bound to be heavier, unlike the female because they need taller frames and more material.

As a form of security, most women prefer taller and stronger men. However, the taller the male sex doll, the more cumbersome it is to move, flex and clean because of its weight. Therefore, as a recommendation, you’d rather get a shorter and lighter doll.

Step 4: Purchasing from A Genuine Store

Purchasing a sex doll manufactured by an illegal store will not be up to standard. You ask why? Because it has not been taken through the required manufacturing process and it might contain some harmful substances/chemicals that might be detrimental to both your mental and physical health. Also, it’s advisable to purchase your doll from a store that offers after-sale services. For instance, if your doll develops any malfunctions after receiving it, it can simply be repaired.

How to Have Sex with A Male Sex Doll

Unlike the female love dolls, male dolls will offer you with a give and take scenario during sex. While a female sex doll will require you to put it in a position you want to have sex, a male doll can be placed in such a way that both men and women can have sex with it. Therefore, they will ensure you have a flexible sexual adventure. Also, a male doll is fitted with a removable phallus that you can increase or decrease in size depending on your preference. Without forgetting, it also has both anal and oral capabilities.

The majority of our clients have admitted to feeling delightful when being sensual with their male dolls. They’ve also confessed to loving the feel of the manly chest and the well-crafted abs. This realistic nature ensures you unravel those deeply rooted desires and fantasies.

Male Sex Doll Recommendations

Below is a recommended list of four top male love dolls on our online store that will definitely help you achieve those highly craved for sexual desires:

1.   Handsome Asian Male Sex Doll 158CM – Jack

having sex with male sex doll

Standing at a height of 158cm (approximately 5’2”) is Jack. After completing his studies from his home country of Australia, he decided to move to the United States in search of greener pastures. Also, he wanted to be in a more conducive area that would enable him to realize his dream of becoming a pop star. So far, he’s been trying to break the ice in the music industry.

In the meantime, he got a job at a liquor store in the city of Dallas. Due to his attractive physique and his handsome baby-faced look, the majority of the stores’ clients happen to be women. “Well, sometimes men do come too. I presume the females just get captivated by my manly look,” he says with an Australian accent – which also, is a plus for him.

Whenever he spots female clients who’re stuck on choices of good alcohol, he always offers to help. “Ladies call me a gentleman and prefer me to my workmates,” he affirms, “Some become flirty and if they’re attractive, I never hesitate to make my moves.” In a good random day, he never misses having sensual sex with a willing client. He loves to be blow jobbed and fucked in every position. “I love when the woman takes control during sex. That way, we can both have our ultimate sexual desires fulfilled because, personally, I fantasize everything about sex,” he concludes.

2.    Male Sex Doll Muscle Man 170CM – Damon

male sex doll muscle man 170CM

Damon is a young Italian good-looking man. He comes from Tavernelle Val di Pesa, a small town in Italy but recently moved to New York to take care of his aunt. “I assured my grandfather that I would watch out for my aunt here in the US for some time,” he says. However, he also admits that ever since he moved to New York, he’s made many friends that he wants to stay there permanently.

While not watching over his ailing aunt, Damon takes a shift at a local ranch as a herdsman. He says it feels good to work out in the open. He admits to having an affair with his boss’s wife (Maria) and that the outdoors are his favorite place to satisfy his sexual needs. Out there at the farm far away from where the boss could notice or see them. “I love when she runs her fingers through my manly chest and well-developed abs. Then proceeding to take my cock and giving me that sensual blowjob and riding me hard while she moans sexually,” he says.

Unfortunately, on a certain day, he spotted a co-worker watching him fuck Maria. Even though he promised not to tell on them, he’s afraid he might spy. Therefore, they had to take a break from fucking. In the meantime, he’s looking to find a beautiful young lady to take with home and fuck the hell out of each other.

“Come unbutton get me out of my clothes, tear my pair of sexy boxers apart and fuck me hard until I’m exhausted,” he says.

3.    Real Life Male Sex Doll – Bill

Japanese Life Size Adult Sex Dolls For Women 158cm Bill

Bill is a young adult attending a college in North Carolina. He’s pursuing his dream career of being a sex therapist. Ever since he was a child, he’s always dreamt of assisting other people to be sexually active and responsible. Now, he’s just a few years away from realizing his longtime dream. The thought of it makes him so happy.

During the most recent campus’s pageant show, he won the ‘Sexiest Male Student’ award. The award made him very famous, especially among the female students. His body is very well-developed and muscular and he admits loving to brag off his muscles. He’s extremely sexy and handsome with perfect juicy lips that you can kiss all day.

“Every girl around and out of school loves to be associated with me and most of them confess to getting emotionally attached whenever they instantly see me,” he says. He loves it and it helps him make his sexual moves at ease. He’s a sucker for mad sex and never lets any opportunity slip away whenever it comes around.

In recent times, however, he’s been feeling emotionally empty. Therefore, he’s looking for that special girl who’ll be his companion and with whom he’ll also fulfill his sexual desires. He recently sought the help of a dating site and girl! Doesn’t he have the sexy pick-lines? “There’s a big same in my house right now. Clothes are 100% off!”

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